Monitoring and control in one place

Our features!

Our software will record and save all action done in PC and then send it to private customer panel. Every keystroke, saved password or clipboard change is stored in report with timestamp. Additionally software will make snapshots of desktop and webcam if is available. The unique feature is ability to send commands to windows command shell, remote control via pc. You can shutdown remote PC via one click.

The next important feature is stealth mode. Only few expensive antiviruses can detect our software, so the life of application is not disturbed. Software can be delivered as standalone .exe or Microsoft Windows .doc document

Next-gen tool

supervision and control

Functional panel accessible from every place on earth

Saving keystrokes, passwords, snapshots etc.


Parental control

Protect your child

Let's check what your kids do in web. Protect their against unwanted content. Control the time of use

Employee control

Protect your business againts spying. See what really your employee do during the work

Data archiving

With this software your data maybe recovered in some cases

Protect against affair

You are concerned? Check that you are not deceived by your partner

Professional, but simple in use software